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Inside each kit box, an assay timetable chart is enclosed in order to support the technicians during the assay implementation

13 Novembre 2011

Following SuperScreen Tetra, the new supersensitive version of the receptor assay is now available.
SuperScreen Tetra HS enables the detection of 10 ppb of oxytetracycline in honey. The same CCβ of 10 ppb of oxytetracycline was validated also for muscle, 15 ppb for milk.

Tetracyclines are a group of broad-spectrum antibiotics effective against Gram-positive, Gram-negative, anaerobic and intracellular microorganisms. Their mechanism of action is the inhibition of proteic synthesis. These antibiotics are widely used in veterinary medicine to prevent and control some breeding animals pathologies. Treatments, if the appropriate withdrawal time is not respected, can lead to residues in foods of animal origin. With the Regulation 2377/90 the European Council has established the MRL (Maximum Residue Limits) for this group of antimicrobial drugs: 100 ppb for milk and muscle, 200 ppb for eggs, 300 ppb for liver and 600 ppb for kidney. Since the use of antibiotics in apiculture is forbidden, there is not a MRL for honey.

In order to meet the market demand of a more sensitive screening method, Tecna R&D scientists developed a new receptor kit: SuperScreen TETRA HS (cod. AB710-AB711), with extremely low detection limits. Validation tests confirm the good performances of the kit, which has excellent CC in food matrices: 10 ppb of oxytetracycline for honey and swine muscle, 15 ppb for milk. The assay was validated for oxytetracycline since it is the lowest cross-reacting compound: this way, a higher sensitivity for doxytetracycline, chlortetracycline and tetracycline is ensured. The new kit includes the procedures and reagents needed to detect tetracyclines residue in various food matrices such as: honey, milk, muscle and meat drip. Thanks to the wide cross-reactivities range, the kit enables the contemporary analyses of many antibiotics (tetracycline, oxytetracycline, chlortetracycline and doxicycline), thus simplifying and making faster the analyses. The excellent detection of doxicycline (active principle registered in many countries), is one of relevant features of the product, since this residue is not often included in ELISA cross-reactivity patterns. The measuring range includes all the established regulatory limits (for honey, milk and tissues), assuring the maximum performance and reliability. The sample preparation is simple and does not require any purification by columns. Results are easily obtainable with Tecna spread-sheets, downloadable from this website FOC. For further information about SuperScreen Tetra HS as well as for requiring the validation report, please contact us at export@tecnalab.com.