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Code RB300

Description Workstation for the full automation for ELISA method in micortiter plate.

Details Automatic system for the implementation of different ELISA assays in the same session:

  • Up to 4 different brands of ELISA test kits in the same experiment;
  • At least 6 different microplates in the same experiment;
  • Integrated workstation for the implementation of dilution steps in tube or micorplate, premixing, reagents pipetting, incubation, washing, shaking, reading and autosave of the results (laptop not included);
  • User-friendly software with customizable settings.


Units: 160 sample positions
90 reagents positions, with adapters (if necessary)
6 positions for big volumes reagents bottles
64 positions for standards and controls
6 microtiter plates positions, suitable for different assay at the same time
2 dilution/premixing positions in deepwells or in microplates
2 (up to 4 on demand) washable needles for pipetting, with independent movements on Y/Z axis
1 shaking position
1 integrated 4-lines washer, 8 channels, 4 independent washing lines
1 integrated 8-channels reader, one or two wavelenghts reading
4 standard filters (up to 6 on demand): 620 nm, 492 nm, 450 nm and 405 nm
Size: 112 x 80 x 75 cm
120 kg
Required specifications: Suitable surface for size and weight of the instrument
PC CPU Pentium 4 2.4 GHz speed, 1 GB RAM, 1024 x 768 display, speaker, Windows® XP, Service Pack 2
Internet connection for Tecna remote assistance

Last update September 2014