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Tecna has about 20 years of experience in the food diagnostic field and is a major player in its domestic market (Italy). In the course of time, the company has also developed a worldwide distribution network for its products. A number of global companies have already chosen to partner with Tecna indeed. Our company offers high quality screening tools for mycotoxins, drug residues, hormones, allergens in food and feedstuff. We have an extensive product port-folio consisting of more than 50 different ELISA test kits and, thanks to our R&D effort, new products are developed every year. The headquarter team settled in Italy supports the extent of our product offer with a proficiency, strong technical and commercial support to all our partners. A tight collaboration with our distributors is mandatory in order to ensure customers to have a fast and expert support for all their requirements. Our partnerships are based on shared interests and commitment to supply technically proven products at a reasonable price. We periodically organize customized trainings (start-up, validation and advanced courses), with the aim to enhance the technical skills of the technicians and to help in the mandatory validation tasks in a more efficient way. The cooperation with our partners aims to create a continuous flow and exchange of global information and ideas, in order to provide services that meet all market demands and achieve their goals.

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