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The new B ZERO line of test kits is suitable for those implementing a few samples per session.

03 December 2012

New fast and sensitive ELISA test kit for aflatoxin B1.
B ZERO: a cost-effective screening line for mycotoxins. A solution dedicated to costumers implementing a few samples per session.

The new B ZERO line is Tecna response to the increasing demand of fast, accurate, sensitive, easy-to-use and cost-effective screening methods for mycotoxins monitoring in food and feed. The R&D team has just released a new ELISA test kit: B ZERO AFLA B1, for the quantitative screening of aflatoxin B1 in raw cereals and feed. The assay has been developed and validated without any standard curve. After running the zero-standard and the samples, concentrations are obtained by interpolation with the batch-provided virtual curve. This format allows end-users to save up to four calibrator-wells per analytical session, that means that the cost of testing drops dramatically when implementing a few samples. The B ZERO line is therefore a worthwhile alternative to common ELISAs. Nevertheless, experimental robustness investigations confirmed that the specificity, the sensitivity and the accuracy were comparable to those of conventional microplate enzyme immunoassay. The assay is significantly fast: results are acquired 15 minutes. B ZERO AFLA B1 is available in 48 wells formats. For further information please contact us at export@tecnalab.com.