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Ochratoxin is a carcinogenic mycotoxins and its clearance time is rather long. Therefore, regulatory limits are low, down to few ppb: take the chance to bring your ochratoxin analysis to the next level with the B ZERO® OCHRA ELISA kit, allowing you to comply with international regulation and to save on the analytical cost.

06 April 2018

New Tecna ELISA kit enriches the B ZERO® line dedicated to mycotoxins analysis
B ZERO® OCHRA: the new master curve ELISA kit for ochratoxin screening Tecna R&D laboratories just released the novel kit for more effective ochratoxin detection

Tecna introduced some years ago the B ZERO® product line for mycotoxins analysis in order to respond to a specific market request. This product line is characterized by the absence of the usual standard curve, obtained running the calibrators alongside the samples. This is possible thanks to the incredible robustness of the kit components: the calibration master curve is run directly at Tecna’s production site, for every production lot. After this step, kit users are provided with a certificate containing the necessary data for the result elaboration.

Great cost reduction, less analytical steps, reduced error probability and reduction of the overall assay time are the main B ZERO® product line features, now available for Ochratoxin analysis in cereals too!

For further information on the kit specifications and on its availability visit OR372 - B ZERO® OCHRA product page or contact us at export@tecnalab.com!