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How do I know if there is a local distributor for Tecna products in my country?

Write us an e-mail at export@tecnalab.com. Informations and details are usually sent within two working days.


How do I get information regarding kits performances?

Tecna validates its test kits within an in-house validation according to EU protocols and International guidelines (such as USDA-GIPSA and AOAC recommendations). Data are collected into Performance Data Sheets, that can be required to the local distributor or to our headquarter directly (export@tecnalab.com). Such documents could be significanlty important in case of certification / accreditation of a method.


Tecna ELISA kits are shipped at room temperature (RT) without any ice pack. Isn't this affecting kits' performances.

Stability and ruggedness of our test kits have been experimentally evaluated simulating domestic and international shipping conditions. All results showed that performances are not affected by the RT shipment: it is not necessary to add ice packs inside the parcels. We can guarantee that our test kits are stable at room temperature for up to 10 days. Storage conditions are 2 - 8°C.


Are kit batches different one to each other?

No, every single batch must show comparable performances to the previous and the following kit batch.


Why are there different lots reagents inside one single kit box?

The kit batch, or kit lot, is identified by a 5-numbers code printed on the box labels. It identifies one single production. The numbers identifying the kit components are indipendent: it isn't a mistake. Within each kit batch, all components have the same numbers, as you can easily verify by comparing the content of different boxes of the same kit batch.
The only materials with possible different lot numbers are those with no influence on results quality - washing buffer, dilution buffer, stop solution.


How do I get the technical data sheet and the MSDS of each product?

These documents are available for free upon registering on our web site. After the registration process, the documents can be downloaded directly from each product page.


How do I get the Certificate of Conformity of each product?

This document is related to each product batch. It can be found inside every kit box.


Is it possible to work in single in order to reduce the number of wells used per each analytical session?

Most of the Tecna kits have been developed and validated working in duplicate, while with some it is possible to work in single (Celer® and B ZERO line). It is advised to work always at the prescribed conditions in order to obtain comparable results.


Is it possible to use the kit insert downloaded from the website during the analytical session?

Due to possible changes, it is mandatory to use the kit insert found inside the kit box at every analytical session.


Is it necessary to have a specific software for results evaluation?

All ELISA readers are able to read absorbance values of each well. Based on these values, results can be calculated following the instructions in the single kit inserts. Tecna provides free excel spreadsheets for results evaluation; these spreadsheets are downloadable directly from our website after registration.