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The 2017 edition of the main New Zealand Food Safety meeting will take place in Nelson

Tecna at NZFIST Conference 2017

New Zealand is one of the most active countries in terms of promoting food safety policies and awareness; in this context, excellence areas are milk safety assessment and food allergens mana...
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4 October 2016, Geel, Belgium - ARCHIVE

Great feedback from the Mycotoxin Workshop at JRC

On the 4th of October Tecna was present at the Mycotoxin Workshop organised by the JRC at its headquarters in Geel, Belgium. Together with other kits manufacturers from all over Europe, Tecn...
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6-7 September 2016, Cambridge, UK - ARCHIVE

Emerging food-safety issues at 2016 Food Safety & Analysis Congress

Experts and delegates from the agro-food industry as well as from the academia from all over the world gathered together in Cambridge, for the 3rd edition of the Food Safety and Analysis Con...
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1 - 3 June, Opatija, Croatia - ARCHIVE

2016 Krmiva International Conference on domestic animal nutrition and feed technology - Opatija, Croatia

2016 Krmiva International Conference is an event that gathered together experts and delegates from the feed industry as well as from the academic world in order to discuss about the issues f...
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